‘Princess WOW is a force of nature.” Richard Barone, musician, author & producer


“As curator of Uptown Gallery at 296 Wall Street, Kingston, New York. and as collaborating co-creator with Kerry
Henderson, executive director of Kingston Festival of the Arts, I can say that everyone had a great time at Princess Wow’s Hat Happening. She performed with her magical style to make living theater with men, women(& children!) exploring being on the “fashion runway” trying on fine hats(that she makes!) and whacky hats. There was serious silly in the air with glamour and goofy commingling to allow everyone to have a great experience at the Hat Happening! I can expect that everyone at any of Princess WOW’s events will smile and savor the moment.” Gloria Waslyn

Craig Lechner, casting director, Impossible Casting, NYC
“Mindy Fradkin is unforgettable.”

Caroline Freebern, multi-talented artist in Westchester, NY
“We the audience became a part of her stories and handcrafted hats, bringing Life, Beauty, & Soul. She created
a whole new world as we became the cast of charactors.”