The Smile Revolution is Here
written by Roland Mousaa & Mindy Fradkin
music by Roland Mousaa

I flew down to Florida
to see my Dad for the last time.
I was drifting my whole life,
lost without a mission in mind.

My Dad rarely smiled,
due to a tragedy as a child,
which caused me through my whole life
rarely…to create a smile.

The last time I saw my Dad
he gave me a great big ol’ grin.
This is where I found my mission,
and for this…I owe my God through him.

Chorus: The Smile Revolution is Here..
It comes from far yet near
The Smile Revolution is here..
No more tears and no more fears.
The Smile Revolution is Here!

No more clouds blocking the sun
Let God’s light shine on our faces
Let us all smile together,
And learn to live through our crisis’s.