About Us

Mindy Fradkin has been involved in the arts her whole life-as a performer, hat & accessories designer, more recently as a singer/songwriter with Roland Mousaa, former radio show host, music promoter & founder of The Smile Revolution. See more on her blog, www.thesmilerevolution.com.

Princess WOW, which is her stage name, while her design label is now called, Fradkin Hats, started performing as a child when she booked herself for her own birthday party and her cousin, Mark, talked about it for decades. The young performer naturally created laughter wherever she went. She sang her whole life in the shower, until she met Roland Mousaa, who quickly realized that she had good pipes, and started encouraging her to sing, and became her vocal coach, and co-writer of songs to promote The Smile Revolution.

She graduated from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, in 1983. She moved to NYC after graduating with honors, and began wardrobe styling for photo-shoots, TV and Film. Mindy worked on a movie doing costumes, which many of the crew and Michael Genet, actor & screenwriter, told her that she needed to be in front of the camera, not behind, when they noticed her comedic talents. After the film, she took a comedy class, and began stand up comedy in clubs in NYC for a couple of years, but she didn’t like smoke & alcohol filled rooms late at night. Simulatenously, she was learning how to make hats at Fashion Institute of Technology at night in NYC.¬† Princess WOW’s unique talents in comedy performance and fashion merged into a new form-Hat Happenings! In her one woman show, she entertained with her artfully created hats that she used as props and, with the right audience sold them at the end, while everyone had a blast! She booked frequently with different stage names reflecting her presence and unusual style. One name stood out that she could live with long term, that was given to her is Princess WOW! Hat Happenings were featured on the front page of The New York Times, Style Section, and she was featured on Good Day New York, and more over the years.

Mindy has sold her hats at top stores such as Henri Bendel’s, Nordstom’s, and has done custom work since 1991.

To find out how she started The Smile Revolution, which raises conscious awareness to the healing power of a sweet smile, you can read about it on the press tab, and her blog, see at top of page.