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“Entertainment is what I consider to be fun, musical, and making a special connection with the audience. It was my delight to have been a participant in the beautiful concert of the Roland & Mindy a/k/a Princess WOW extravaganza! Whoever told us not to believe in magic? This dynamic duo. brought Life, Beauty and Soul to their musical fine art fashion show. Together Roland & Mindy sang and played as one voice as they told stories in the true spirit of folk music. We the audience became a part of their songs and handcrafted hats, unlike any other musical runway production I have ever been to. Roland & Mindy created a whole new world as we became the cast of characters. Funny part of it all, you only had to go to Beacon to see the best “Broadway” musical production!

Caroline Freebern, artist


with Elliot Landy and Maureen Day at Richie Havens Memorial

with Roland and Gloria Waslyn – Parrots for Peace, Kingston Festival

photo 4-2

Maureen Day and I at The Second Smile Revolution Concert at Le Poisson Rouge, Greenwich Village, 2011